What is Umbraco CMS

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Diary of my visit to the Umbraco UK Festival 2017

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How to use a custom local dev url without having to edit the hosts file

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Outtakes March 2017

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How to make money from your blog

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How to convert SQL Server Compact Edition .sdf to Full SQL and speed up Umbraco

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Podcast Interview about Umbraco. Paul Seal on The Cynical Developer

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How to change a form in MVC to submit with AJAX

In this video you will see how to change the form to submit using AJAX. I recorded this video live for my livecoding channel. The code I wrote for this tutorial is further down this post. Read More

How to create a Contact Form in Umbraco using MVC and C#

This post is to accompany the YouTube video tutorial I created. I will share the code I wrote for each section in the video. Read More

How to get the YouTube thumbnail preview image from a video

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