I'm talking at Umbraco Spark in March, will you be there too?

Umbraco Spark is an Innovation conference about Umbraco held in Bristol in March 2020. I'll be talking there and it would be great to meet you there too. Read More

Paul Seal
11 February 2020

How to search by picked multi node tree picker values in Umbraco v8

This post shows you how you can use examine to search for articles which have the category picked in the multinode tree picker. Read More

Paul Seal
16 January 2020

How to enable AMP in Umbraco 7 Websites

This post shows you how I set up AMP in my Umbraco 7 website Read More

Paul Seal
10 January 2020

It’s so nice to receive feedback like this about my videos. Here’s the link to the video if you want to watch it t… Read full tweet

I just added a custom twitter feed to the home page of my blog codeshare.co.uk. I used a cached partial whi… Read full tweet

Today I’m celebrating my open source Password Generator NuGet Package reaching over 100,000 downloads. #oss #csharpRead full tweet

This is brilliant news for Umbraco Agencies. blog.jumoo.co.uk/2020/uSyncAgen…