How to solve the GitHub error fatal: HttpRequestException encountered

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What is Umbraco CMS

This post tells you what Umbraco CMS is and what the benefits of using it are. Read More

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How to get the website domain address in Umbraco

This post shows you how to get the current umbraco website domain address including http(s):// in the simplest way possible. Read More

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How to set up Continuous Deployment for MVC and Umbraco using AppVeyor

This guide walks you Through how to set up AppVeyor for continuous delivery of an MVC or Umbraco site. Read More

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Why is Umbraco CMS so rubbish?

You may have used it before, or you may be using it now and the thought might go through your head "Why is Umbraco so rubbish" or other words to that effect. Read More

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How to make money from your blog

In this post I share 6 ways which you can make money from your blog. Read More

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How to search by document type and property in Umbraco

This post shows you how to search by specific document types and fields in umbraco, using Examine. Read More

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Retrieving your audience from the grips of Rebloggers

My struggle with rebloggers and my simple solution for the problem. Read More

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How to get a job as a Professional Developer

In this post I will aim to give you the best advice I can, in order to help you achieve your goal of becoming a professional developer. Read More

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What is the Microsoft Botframework and, more importantly, what is LUIS?

This posts tells you about the Microsoft Botframework, and focuses mainly on the star of the show LUIS. Read More

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