Hack24 2018 Live Blog

This is a live blog post, documenting my experience of Hack24 2018 in Nottingham. Read More

Paul Seal

How to set up Continuous Deployment for MVC and Umbraco using AppVeyor

This guide walks you Through how to set up AppVeyor for continuous delivery of an MVC or Umbraco site. Read More

Steven Harland

How to create a Hangman Chat Bot game in Node.js using Microsoft Bot Framework

This post will show you step by step how to create a Chat Bot using Node.js and the Microsoft Bot Framework. Don't be put off if you've never used node.js before. It's really easy to use. You don't need to be an expert to write node.js programs. Anyone can fol… Read More

Paul Seal

How to deploy an ASP.NET website using Umbraco as an example

This post gives you step by step instructions for how to deploy an ASP.NET website. In the video I'm using an Umbraco site as an example, but it applies to any ASP.NET website. If you are unsure of any of the steps then watch the video. Read More

Paul Seal

How to convert SQL Server Compact Edition .sdf to Full SQL and speed up Umbraco

This post shows you how to convert a SQL Compact Edition database to full SQL and speed up Umbraco Read More

James Studdart

Podcast Interview about Umbraco. Paul Seal on The Cynical Developer

Listen to my podcast interview about Umbraco talking with James Suddart from The Cynical Developer Read More

Paul Seal

5 Common Developer problems and how to overcome them

This post gives you a list of 5 common problems you might face as a developer and how you can overcome them. Read More

Paul Seal

Developer Question - Passion or Profession?

I want to hear from other developers to find out if they see their job as a developer/programmer as just their job which they turn up for and go home, or whether they are extremely passionate about it, and it is part of who they are. Read More

Paul Seal

How to start using Dependency Injection in MVC and Umbraco

This post has the code and a video you need to help you start using Dependency Injection in MVC and Umbraco Read More

Paul Seal

How to change a form in MVC to submit with AJAX

In this video you will see how to change the form to submit using AJAX. I recorded this video live for my livecoding channel. The code I wrote for this tutorial is further down this post. Read More

Paul Seal