Hack24 2018 Live Blog

This is a live blog post, documenting my experience of Hack24 2018 in Nottingham. Read More

Paul Seal

10 practical tips for improving your public speaking

In this post Marcin Zajkowski shares some of his pro tips for improving your public speaking, based on his experiences. Read More

Marcin Zajkowski

What is TDD? How to get started with Test Driven Development

This post gives you an introduction into Test Driven Development. It uses a simple, real world example to show you how to get started. Read More

Paul Seal

The four stages of Code Review Feedback - DAWA

This post teaches you about the 4 stages of feedback, and uses an example of a code review. Once you have read this you will be able to identify these stages in your working life, and sometimes in your home life too. Read More

Paul Seal

Helper methods for retrieving web config app settings

This post gives you some examples of how you can check for errors when retrieving web.config app setting values. Read More

Paul Seal