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This post teaches you about the 4 stages of feedback, and uses an example of a code review.

Once you have read this you will be able to identify these stages in your working life, and sometimes in your home life too.

The Feedback

Stage 1 - Denial

Denial is the first stage. Bob doesn't like being told where he has gone wrong. Especially in a code review. Bob is not good at receiving feedback.

Stage 2 - Anger

Anger is the next stage, Bob is mad at being given this feedback, after having denied it in the first instance, he is dwelling on it and it is making him more angry.

Stage 3 - Withdrawal

After anger comes withdrawal. Bob will try his best to avoid talking to or even being around Dave.

Stage 4 - Acceptance

After researching the SOLID and DRY principles, Bob has realised that Dave was right, and that he was only trying to help him. Bob will start being around Dave again, and possibly even start talking to him.


Keep these stages in mind. DAWA for short. See if you can notice them in your work or home life.
Some people skip stages, perhaps, they go from Denial, straight to Withdrawal.

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