For the last few years I have been listening to some great podcasts and I wanted to share them with you:

1. .NET Rocks

".NET Rocks! is a weekly talk show for anyone interested in programming on the Microsoft .NET platform. The shows range from introductory information to hardcore geekiness."

There are 1290 shows at the time of writing this, so this is a giant podcast and would be almost impossible for anyone with a job to listen the back catalogue and keep up with the 3 shows per week.

Each show is just under 1 hour long.

At the beginning of every show, Karl gives us a useful resource or tells us something we didn't know about a certain framework. I've found some great tips from this section of the show.

They interview guests from a broad section of the programming community, not just .NET. This is really helpful as it makes you aware of different tools and approaches to solving problems across different languages and technologies.

If you comment on the website, you stand a chance to win a .NET Rocks mug. I've not won one yet, but I'd love to.

Every year they give away $5000 to spend on technology to one lucky listener. You just have to become a member and complete a survey on their site.

Roughly once a month, they do a geekout show where Richard tells us about a topic he has been studying for the last few weeeks. These are very good shows, my recent favourite was the one about Moore's law.

2. {CodingBlocks}.NET

"We are a few guys who’ve been professional programmers for years.  As avid listeners of podcasts and consumers of many things code-related, we were frustrated by the lack of quality programming (pun) available in listenable formats.  Given our years of experience and real-world problem solving skills, we thought it might be worth getting into this world of podcasting and 'giving back' a shot."

There are 41 episodes at the time of writing this. Each episode is at least 45 minutes long. They seem to be getting longer and longer but that's OK with me. There doesn't seem to be a set release schedule, but it seems like they release a new episode per month.

They like to teach the listener about different programming techniques and ways to solve problems. They cover lots of topics and share great tools in the tip of the week/month section.
They tend to go more in depth into design patterns and techniques than other shows do, which is really good for me as it helps me learn better.

My favourite episode is probably the first one about interfaces, although I like them all. 

3. Entreprogrammers

Entreprogrammers podcast is basically a recording of a mastermind group for four programmers who have become entrepreneurs. You get to hear the ups and downs along the way as they try to become successful entrepreneurs.

There are 115 episodes at the time of writing this, each of them is around 2 hours long. I've listened to all of them. I recommend you start from the beginning to go through their journeys with them.

There isn't much about programming in this podcast, but you will learn a lot about:

  • Going self employed
  • Marketing yourself and your products
  • Hiring other people to work for you
  • Email campaigns
  • Product launches and much more.

This is definitely worth a listen if you have ever thought about becoming your own boss. 

4. Javascript Jabber

JavaScript Jabber is a weekly discussion about JavaScript, front-end development, community, careers, and frameworks.

There are 219 episodes at the time of writing this, each of them is around 1 hour long. There is a panel of regulars on the show and each episode they have a guest to talk about a framework or technology. The creator of the podcast, Charles Max Wood, also appears in the entreprogrammers podcast. He has 4 other podcasts about other topics like angular, ruby and freelancing. I highly recommend this podcast, you will learn a lot from it.

Paul Seal

Umbraco MVP and .NET Web Developer from Derby (UK) who specialises in building Content Management System (CMS) websites using MVC with Umbraco as a framework. Paul is passionate about web development and programming as a whole. Apart from when he's with his wife and son, if he's not writing code, he's thinking about it or listening to a podcast about it.

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