I'm not one for using my mouse if I can help it. I like to use keyboard shortcuts where possible.

In this post I share, with you, my favourite Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts.

Build the solution
Ctrl + Shift + B

Save all documents in the solution
Ctrl + Shift + S

Refactor the highlighted text into a separate method
Ctrl + R + M

Start the site with debugging

Start without debugging
Ctrl + F5

Attach to process
Ctrl + Alt + P

Step over the line in the code

Add / remove break point

Step into the method or property

Comment highlighted code, or on line of the caret
Ctrl + K + C

Uncomment highlighted code, or on line of the caret
Ctrl + K + U

Switch between tabs
Ctrl + Tab

Ctrl + F

Find and replace
Ctrl + H

Custom Setting: Remove and Sort usings
Go to Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard > Edit.RemoveAndSort
Set it up to use:
Ctrl + U

This will remove all unused using statements in the current file and it will sort them into alphabetical order.

Format code in the current file
Ctrl + K + D

Cut the entire row where the caret is, or rows where they are highlighted
Shift + Delete


I hope you find them useful. If you like these and you want to learn more shorcut keys, checkout http://visualstudioshortcuts.com/

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