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In this post I share 6 ways which you can make money from your blog.

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1. Adsense

Adsense is the main advertising that I have on my site. I have one advert at the top of my article and one at the bottom. You don't make tons of money from it, but you will make some. And if you get loads of traffic, it could escalate quickly.

2. ShareASale

I have affiliate links on my site, for pluralsight which is an online video course website. I choose the relevant courses for the article to benefit my readers. They can sign up for a free trial. I make a bit of commission if they sign up. Currently I am getting the best commission amounts I've had since it started. To register as an affiliate with pluralsight and other companies, you do it through ShareASale.

3. Amazon affiliates

You can advertise anything from the Amazon catalogue on your site, so it doesn't matter what your site is about, you should be able to advertise relevant products for your readers. I've not made much from this myself, but there are some bigger websites who make many $100 per month. To register with Amazon Affiliates in the UK go to amazon uk affiliates.

4. Getting published elsewhere

If you are a content creator, you should make sure you retain the copyright over your content. You don't want to let other people publish it for free. Sometimes other companies/magazines might want to publish one of your articles on their site/magazine. You should ask for a fee for this. You have taken the time to create this content, they shouldn't get it for free.

5. YouTube channel

Most blogs these days also have a YouTube channel. If you don't have one, you should consider creating one. It's really easy to put adverts on your videos in YouTube, and if you get a video which does go viral, you could make a lot of money. Even if you don't have videos which go viral, you could stick make money over time, and it just seems to grow and grow.

6. Buy me a coffee button

I decided to add a 'Buy me a coffee button' on my site recently. Sometimes people would like to thank you and just saying thanks isn't always enough for them. So I decided to give them the opportunity to buy me a coffee. It's not going to be a big earner, but it is left open for the end user to decide how much they would like to donate.

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If I've helped you out and you want to thank me, why not buy me a coffee?

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