Debugging errors can be difficult, especially when you need to see the errors inside the errors.

This post shows you how you can get all errors as a collection of errors rather than them being hidden inside other errors.

You can create an extension method like this one:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace PaulSeal.Library.Utility
public static class Extensions
public static IEnumerable<Exception> FlattenHierarchy(this Exception ex)
if (ex == null)
throw new ArgumentNullException("ex");

var innerException = ex;
yield return innerException;
innerException = innerException.InnerException;
while (innerException != null);


It iterates through the errors and retrieves any innerExceptions until there are no more errors.

I only really use this for debugging as I wouldn't normally want the customer to see these error messages. Here is an example of it in use:


public ActionResult SubmitContactForm(ContactModel model)
if (!ModelState.IsValid) return CurrentUmbracoPage();
TempData["EmailSuccess"] = true;
catch (Exception ex)
//use the extension method here to find all of the errors and output them to the validation summary.
ex.FlattenHierarchy().ToList().ForEach(x => ModelState.AddModelError("EmailError", x.Message));
return CurrentUmbracoPage();

return RedirectToCurrentUmbracoPage();

private void SendEmail(ContactModel model)
//some code for sending an email

I originally found this solution here

Paul Seal

Umbraco MVP and .NET Web Developer from Derby (UK) who specialises in building Content Management System (CMS) websites using MVC with Umbraco as a framework. Paul is passionate about web development and programming as a whole. Apart from when he's with his wife and son, if he's not writing code, he's thinking about it or listening to a podcast about it.

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