What do we have here then?

This post gives you a list of good websites to get your Free HTML5 and Bootstrap templates from.

As I come across more of them I will add them to this list.

Sites with Free and Premium Templates

These site all offer free templates and some of them also offer paid ones too.


    Url: https://freehtml5.co/
    Thoughts: I've used a couple of the templates on this site. They are good, clean website builds and easy to work with.
  2. HTML5 UP

    Url: https://html5up.net/
    Thoughts: I've not used any of these yet, but I really like the look of them.
  3. Pixelarity

    Url: https://pixelarity.com/
    Thoughts: This has all of the above templates and more. You can use any of these templates by signing up and paying $19. There are currently 96 templates to choose from. It is great value for money and they are high quality templates.
  4. Shape Bootstrap

    Url: http://shapebootstrap.net/
    Thoughts: This is a great resource with loads of free and paid templates available.

  5. Start Bootstrap

    Url: https://startbootstrap.com/
    Thoughts: This is a good resource, especially for learning Bootstrap. It gives you a lot of the basic templates to get your head around what you can do with Bootstrap.

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