I've seen lots of open letters on the internet lately, so this letter is addressed to all of those people who write open letters.

Let me start with...


No one cares!!!

  • No one cares that you nearly got knocked off your bike outside Tesco last week.
  • No one wants to read your open letter to your neighbour.
  • No one cares about your anger over double yellow lines outside your local town hall.
  • Stop writing open letters to the prime minister or your local councillor.

If you want to send them a letter, SEND THEM ONE!!!
If you can't be bothered to write on a piece of paper, type it out, and print it off.

Send it in the post. We don't need to read about it.

If you insist on using the internet for sending this message, find out what their email address and send it to them.
Send them a private message on Twitter or Facebook.

Leave us out of it!!!

Please share this so it can get to the intended recipients.

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