What is Affinity Photo?

On Mac, Affinity Photo was chosen as Apple’s App of the Year 2015, and voted Best Imaging Software 2016 by the Technical Image Press Association. It has also received thousands of 5-star reviews from professional photographers, editors, artists and retouchers from all around the world.

The Windows version matches the Mac version feature-for-feature, so all the thrilling speed, sophisticated tools and pinpoint accuracy which have earned Affinity Photo its formidable reputation are now available to Windows users too without compromise.

What’s more the Windows version shares exactly the same back-end as the Mac version so you can be confident the file compatibility between both platforms will always be 100% perfect.

Watch this video to see how good it is

The best bit is the price

You can buy the Mac version for £39.99 as a one off purchase. That's it, no monthly recurring fee like Adobe do with Photshop. It works with your existing PSDs and other file formats you are used to. It has all of the best feature you expect from Photoshop and Adobe have even started copying Affinity Photo with some of their features.

Where can I get it from?

Windows Beta FREE - You can download the free Windows Beta version here.

Mac £39.99 You can buy the full Mac version here.

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