In this video I show you some of the cool new features in Umbraco 7.6x. I also show you how the Redirect Url Manager works and when and how you would use it.

You see how to edit the background image on the new login screen.

You get to see the new template editor which helps you write the code you need, without know how to write the code.

There is a new Query Builder which writes linq queries for accessing content of certain types in certain locations with where conditions and ordered by etc.

It also shows you how to use Render Section and define a named scetion.

They are some great features and I think you will enjoy this video if you've ever considered using Umbraco or already are doing with an earlier version.

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Paul Seal

Umbraco MVP and .NET Web Developer from Derby (UK) who specialises in building Content Management System (CMS) websites using MVC with Umbraco as a framework. Paul is passionate about web development and programming as a whole. Apart from when he's with his wife and son, if he's not writing code, he's thinking about it or listening to a podcast about it.

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