Lazy loading images

This post gives you the code to allow your page to load faster, by using lower quality images firstly and then replacing them with the higher quality version after the page has loaded. Read More

Paul Seal
27 October 2015

Google maps javascript API example with a styled map and custom pin icon

A lot of websites use google maps to show their location, but they usually leave it with the default style. This post gives you the code I use to generate a map and shows you how to style it. It also shows you how to add a custom map pin icon. Read More

Paul Seal
23 October 2015

Get a flat list of exception and inner exception error messages

Debugging errors can be difficult, especially when you need to see the errors inside the errors. This post shows you how you can get all errors as a collection of errors rather than them being hidden inside other errors. You can create an extension method like this one Read More

Paul Seal
21 October 2015

XML Sitemap in Umbraco website

This post shows you how to create an XML sitemap in your Umbraco website. I will share the code I have used to create my XML sitemap page You will need an XML sitemap when you submit your site to search engines. Read More

Paul Seal
19 October 2015

Create a redirect page in Umbraco without editing the config file

If you or your client needs to be able to create short urls or links to other sites without wanting to add it as a redirect in the web config, then this is the post for you. You can create them as umbraco pages that act as fast links or redirects. Read More

Paul Seal
16 October 2015

Font Awesome Social Share Icon Links

You may have noticed the links on my site after each article which let you share the article on social sites like Facebook and Twitter etc. This post gives you the code I used for the icons on my site. Font gives you access to hundreds of icons, and allows you to stack them on top of eachother to create different icons. In this code example you will see I stacked the twitter icon on top of a circle and did the same for the other links. Read More

Paul Seal
12 October 2015

Dynamic placeholder images

I found this and thought it would be really useful, especially for designers or people mocking up sites. If you ever need a placeholder image, you don’t need to create one, you can just use this url with the size of placeholder image you want: Read More

Paul Seal
09 October 2015

jQuery copy values from one set of textboxes to another

If you ever wanted a simple bit of jQuery to copy values from one set of texboxes, to another set of texboxes, this is the post for you. This is useful for copying billing address details over to the shipping address. I looked everywhere for a post like this to give me the answer, so now that I solved it myself, I created the post for others who are looking for the same answer. Read More

Paul Seal
08 October 2015

Sorting a list into random order using linq

Every now and again, there is a need to produce a list in a random order. I've found a very reliable way to do this using linq and the Guid class. It might sound complicated, but when you see the example, it should make sense and you should see how simple it is. Read More

Paul Seal
06 October 2015

List ForEach Method

You may or may not be aware of the .ForEach() Method which is available on List<T> objects. It is very handy for shortening your code. Lets say you want to write a method which returns a list of MailAdress objects. A more traditional way would be to do the following: Read More

Paul Seal
04 October 2015