How to add reCAPTCHA to an MVC form

This blog post makes it easy for you to set up Google reCAPTCHA on your MVC website. It also works with Umbraco. Read More

Regular Expression (regex) for a number greater than 1200

In case you are looking for a regex to find a number greater than 1200 or something similar, I though I would post it so you can alter it for your needs. Read More

MVC Custom Model Property Validation Attributes

This post shows you how to create your own custom validation attributes in MVC. You can then decorate your model properties with them on your forms. Read More

MVC client side form validation

This post shows you how you can do client side, unobtrusive validation on your MVC form. It assumes you have already set up your Model, View and Controller, but you just need to know how to get it to validate on the client side. Read More

Helper methods for retrieving web config app settings

This post gives you some examples of how you can check for errors when retrieving web.config app setting values. Read More

XML Sitemap in Umbraco website

This post shows you how to create an XML sitemap in your Umbraco website. I will share the code I have used to create my XML sitemap page You will need an XML sitemap when you submit your site to search engines. Read More

Allow any markup in the TinyMCE editor

If, like me, you find it very annoying that Umbraco seems to stop you from entering whatever markup you want to put in the editor, then this post should help you. Read More

How to generate random and realistic data online

If you want to be able to generate random and realistic data for your program, there is a fantastic free resource called Mockaroo. Read More