This page is a collection of different feedback I have received for my work.

Just looking at starting with an Umbraco CMS and getting some web designers to do our corporate site so working my way through these videos - very enjoyable and helpful so far. It's helpful to see each step being done and explained. Good work!

I had to learn Umbraco for my new job and your videos have been a huge help! I recommend them to everyone at the office! Thanks for all the help!

Thanks mate, great video! You make some things clear for beginner like me...

By far the best and the only step and step tutorial.. Thanks paul. :)

Perfect, thanks mate. Once again you've provided some really helpful content. Its great seeing some practical demos. I've followed along with your whole Static site to CMS series and its been invaluable to me as a junior developer.

Thank you for this, I'm currently learning Umbraco for a new job and this has been incredibly helpful :)

The last time I was as confused as I was after reading up a bit about Umbraco, was when I first encountered regular expressions. Your videos cleared all that chaos up and gave me a solid foundation of knowledge. Thank you very much for the time and effort, it's much appreciated.

Thanks Paul for this video. Its very simple and detailed and you helped me in getting started with Umbraco. Keep doing good work.....

I felt v.reassured as you guided us through some more complex concepts