Sorting a list into random order using linq

Every now and again, there is a need to produce a list in a random order. I've found a very reliable way to do this using linq and the Guid class. It might sound complicated, but when you see the example, it should make sense and you should see how simple it is. Read More

Paul Seal
06 October 2015

List ForEach Method

You may or may not be aware of the .ForEach() Method which is available on List<T> objects. It is very handy for shortening your code. Lets say you want to write a method which returns a list of MailAdress objects. A more traditional way would be to do the following: Read More

Paul Seal
04 October 2015

Umbraco Alternate Template Feature (bug)

There is an annoying feature in Umbraco which, when not wanted, seems like a bug. If you want to view a page with a different template, you can enter the url/templateAliasName Read More

Paul Seal
03 October 2015

Null-coalescing Operator

Shorter code for using the value of a nullable object or another value if not. Read More

Paul Seal
02 October 2015

Allow any markup in the TinyMCE editor

If, like me, you find it very annoying that Umbraco seems to stop you from entering whatever markup you want to put in the editor, then this post should help you. Read More

Paul Seal
01 October 2015

How to generate random and realistic data online

If you want to be able to generate random and realistic data for your program, there is a fantastic free resource called Mockaroo. Read More

Paul Seal
30 September 2015